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Surname Saturday – Prestridge


5. Josephine Milam Saunders, daughter of William Henry Saunders and Mary Jane Prestidge, was born on 25 Jul 1900 in Glen Rose, Somervell County, Texas, died on 23 Aug 1986 in Farmers Branch, Dallas County, Texas at age 86, and was buried in West Bridgeport Cemetery, Wise County, Texas. Josephine married Wilbur Alexander Blanton, Sr. on 26 May 1921 in Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas.
11. Mary Jane Prestidge, daughter of Rufus K. Prestidge and Sarah Frances Slaughter, was born in Dec 1862 in Van Zandt County, Texas, died on 7 Jun 1905 in Glen Rose, Somervell County, Texas at age 42, and was buried in Squaw Creek Cemetery, Somervell County, Texas. Mary married William Henry Saunders about 1881 in Texas.
22. Rufus K. Prestidge, son of Obediah C. Prestridge and Mary Gilmer, was born on 24 Mar 1842 in Mississippi, died on 4 Aug 1918 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas at age 76, and was buried in Prairie Springs Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas. Rufus married Sarah Frances Slaughter on 28 Dec 1859 in Van Zandt County, Texas.
44. Obediah C. Prestridge, son of Larkin Prestridge and Alcy Campbell, was born about 1806 in Georgia, died after 1880 in Hood County, Texas, and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Hood County, Texas. Obediah married Mary Gilmer about 1833 in Alabama or Mississippi.
88. Larkin Prestridge, son of John Prestridge, Jr. and Elizabeth Walters, was born about 1774 in Virginia and died on 10 Aug 1858 in Cherokee County, Texas about age 84. Larkin married Alcy Campbell about 1796.
176. John Prestridge, Jr. son of John Prestridge, Sr. and Ann, was born about 1752 in Virginia and died about 1818 in Franklin County, Georgia about age 66. John married Elizabeth Walters about 1772 in Virginia.
352. John Prestridge, Sr. was born about 1730 in Virginia and died in 1791 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia about age 61. John married Ann about 1750 in Virginia.

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