Monday, June 8, 2009

Puckerbrush Award

Judy Shuburt from Tennessee Memories gave me the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Blog Award. Thanks, Judy, not only for the award, but also for the kind words that you had to say about me and my blog. I really appreciate you recognizing my blog, even though I have neglected it lately. Judy is among many of the wonderful people who I have met from the Genea-bloggers group on Facebook.

The Puckerbrush Award was started by Terry Thornton of the Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi blog to honor his friend, Janice Brown. You can read more about the award on his blog here.

As Judy stated in her blog, I have been busy preparing to sell our house and move back to my hometown of Fort Worth. If any of you have ever had your house on the market, you know how time consuming it is to get up and clean every morning just in case someone wants to drop by and look. In addition, I have also been busy creating a website for the chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas to which I belong.

I am supposed to give this award to ten blogs, but I believe that all of the blogs that I read have already received the award. I have neglected reading my blogs lately, also. Thanks again, Judy, and I hope to be back blogging soon!

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