Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

E. J. [Elisha Jackson] Blanton
Husband of Anna E. Blanton
Dec. 23, 1856
May 22, 1891

[Anna E. Blanton was Elisha's second wife.
She is buried in Cleburne Memorial Cemetery.]

Mary Jane [Bockman]
Wife of
E. J. Blanton
Born in Cass Co. Tex
July 21, 1857
Died at Egan, Johnson Co.
Dec. 19, 1882

Little Infant Son
E. J. & Mollie Blanton
Born at Egan
Dec. 15 And
Died Dec. 24, 1882
Aged 9 Days

Marystown Cemetery, Johnson County, Texas

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