Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leap Year Day Events

Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Fun this week was:

* Go into your genealogy database software program and determine which of your ancestors, if any, were born on 29 February.

* Do the same and determine if any of your ancestors married on 29 February.

* If you don't have any ancestors born or married on that day, are there any persons in your entire database born or married on that day.

I found two people in my database who were born on February 29th and no marriages. Who would marry on February 29th? You would only get an anniversary present every 4 years. My results were as follows:

Arabella Carter, Wife of my 1st Cousin 4 times removed
b. 29 Feb 1851 in Alabama
m. William Jasper McAnear 17 Jan 1871 in Red River Co., TX
d. 6 Sep 1938 in Nocona, Montague Co., TX

Sarah Margaret Prestridge, 2nd Cousin twice removed
b. 29 Feb 1908 in Roger Mills Co., OK
m. Preston W. George 8 Jul 1933 in OK
d. 18 Oct 1993 in Oklahoma Co., OK

Margaret, as she was called, was the mother of my good friend and cousin, Burnis, who has shared with me many wonderful stories and information about our Prestridge family.

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  1. "Who would marry on February 29th? You would only get an anniversary present every 4 years."

    Ha! I have some good friends who married on that day. They usually celebrate on the 28th, sometimes on March 1st. And she gets an anniversary present every year. :)

  2. I was only joking. :-) I realize that anyone married on Feb 29th would celebrate either the day before, or the day after, just like people who have birthdays on that day.


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