Monday, February 23, 2009

Who's Number 21?

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings posts Saturday Night Fun every Saturday night. Last Saturday night he suggested that we find number 21 in our Ahnentafel list and post about that person. I didn't have a chance to do this Saturday night, but wanted to make sure that I wrote about that person, so I'm doing so now.

Number 21 on my Ahnentafel list is Louisa J. Scarborough. Louisa was born 6 Dec 1840 in Union County, Arkansas to John Scarborough and wife, Sarah. Sometime after 1850, the family moved to Texas. Louisa married William M. Saunders on 15 Dec 1859 in Anderson County, Texas. She and William and her younger brother were all living in Anderson County in 1860, but her father had moved on to Johnson County by then. Shortly after 1860, William and Louisa moved to Bosque County, Texas. They had 2 children together, William Henry Saunders, born 3 Feb 1862 and John Saunders, born in Sept 1863. I do not know the circumstances of William Saunders' death, but he had died by 12 July 1866 when Louisa married her second husband, David H. Eddleman. In Oct 1866, David H. Eddleman applied for guardianship of the minors William H. Saunders and John M. Saunders, heirs at law. This was the only reference I have been able to find pertaining to the death of William Saunders.

David and Louisa later moved to Hood County, Texas. Louisa died on the 11 Aug 1911 and is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Hood County. Her husband, David Eddleman, is buried beside her.

Louisa J. Scarborough and her husband, David H. Eddleman

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  1. Debbie, this is such a good post about Louisa and David! I'm so glad to see a picture of her after you and I talking about her a few weeks ago. I'm going to link your post from my blog, Cemeteries with Texas Ties, if you don't mind.

    Have a great day tomorrow.


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